Field Services

Field Services

For immediate service – no matter the time of day or day of the year – give us a call.

We specialize in speedy responses and efficient fixes for Grande Prairie and area. From on-call, responsive maintenance to planned preventative maintenance, laser alignment, and vibration analysis, Syndicated Industries completes it all.

On-Call Emergency Maintenance

When a pump breaks, it can’t wait. That’s why we offer true 24/7 responsive field service for pumps of all shapes and sizes. From the minute you call, we’re actively preparing the necessary parts and services to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

All of our staff are expertly trained in cost-effective and time-saving fixes. We have over 10,000 parts readily available for emergency services, so you’re never stuck in a bind for too long.

No matter the problem, we’ll work hard – any time of day and in extreme weather – to minimize your downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Pumps break – but it’s better if they don’t. We offer scheduled preventative maintenance service to monitor the health of your pumps and suggest part replacements before a catastrophic failure.

Our preventative maintenance program is customizable to your business needs. Our skilled team can check your pump condition on a basis that works best for you – from every six months to yearly.

As with all our services, our team remains cost-aware when suggesting fixes, making sure you get the top value for your dollar.

Laser Alignment

Your equipment needs to be rock solid. The slightest misalignment can result in catastrophic failure, putting your company at risk of costly downtime and monetary loss.

Our laser alignment ensures your equipment is running in peak condition. With specialized equipment, we guarantee laser alignment to the 10,000th of an inch.



Call us today to set up a preventative maintenance program that fits you.

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