Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Our pumps know no boundaries. We serve a multitude of industries and service pumps for every service imaginable. Our team is open to gaining deeper understandings of new industries and applications.

We also know some industries require specialized approaches and strategies to meet product demands and application. Oil and gas, municipalities, and mining and forestry are among our core industries.

Oil & Gas

One of our main specializations is the oil and gas industry. Efficient, effective pumps are a necessity for oil and gas companies. Our natural resources require teams with an expert knowledge base to prevent costly – and dangerous – catastrophic failures.

The Syndicated team is not just trained to work in the oil and gas industry: they’re experienced in it. This means understanding which valves, pumps, and other parts will keep you running no matter the weather.

To talk to one of the pump experts in the oil and gas industry, give us a call today.

Syndicated Industries - Serving the Peace Region and North Eastern BC


Water and wastewater management for large-scale municipalities requires pumps that meet specific parameters. It also requires a team that’s responsive and well-trained in field services.

Our pumps provide municipalities with streamlined solutions to all industry challenges. Our team’s field service capabilities ensure your pumps run at their top performance, saving you time, money, and headaches.

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A moment’s delay in the mining industry can have costly effects. Much like the oil and gas industry, mining pumps need to work in the most adverse conditions without adverse effect on production.

For water management and drainage application, our staff retains substantial knowledge that can only be built from years of hands-on expertise. Our team can expertly recommend pumps and pump parts specific for your company. We’re also highly skilled in on-site field service for both responsive and preventative maintenance.

To speak to one of our team members directly about pumps, parts, or service for the mining industry, give us a call today.