Remanufactured & Surplus Pumps

Remanufactured & Surplus Pumps

It doesn’t have to be new to be great. Our practised team can take new or used surplus pumps and remanufacture them. This process is highly refined and the finished remanufactured pumps always meet or exceed industry standards.

Remanufactured pumps – also called redesigned or retrofit pumps – allow for some customization within a quicker turnaround time than a completely customized new build. This allows us to meet tight deadlines while still delivering a quality product to meet our standards – as well as yours.

The entire process follows a similar setup as our other manufacturing services. Since our remanufactured pumps meet or exceed industry standards, we always start at the beginning. This means looking at the whole pump design and making the necessary modifications to ensure compliance.

Once the design is approved, we fully re-engineer and re-build the pump, guaranteeing a pump quality that’s as good as new.



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