Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Experienced teams fabricate the most effective pumps. Our team capably constructs full turnkey pump packages from the initially drafting up.

Each customized pump package begins with the engineering and design. At Syndicated, this thorough process guarantees you get the pump package that’s right for you and the jobs you need done.

We use our years of industry expertise to design pumps that are operational and cost-effective for your industry. This means using the ideal materials and adding the most useful – and necessary – instrumentations to your design.

To discuss all available options for our engineering and design pump packaging services, give us a call. For more information on retrofitting and remanufacturing, learn more here.


Engineering & Design | Our Process

Engineering & design means working towards an integrated solution for your pump packaging needs. To ensure the pump will work for the intended purpose – and inside the required space – we complete a number of diagrams and drawings.

General Arrangement Drawings (GA)

GA drawings show you what you’re getting before you get it. In this diagram, we’ll include all the details of the pump before we begin the fabrication process. As the name implies, it displays general arrangement of the equipment, main piping, valves, and fittings of the proposed pump.

Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P & ID)

To verify the pump’s process and instrumentation set up matches your company’s needs, we provide you with a Process & Instrumentation Diagram. This demonstrates the process structure, including how the equipment is interconnected. It also displays line size and design and all necessary instrumentation details.

Isometric Diagram (ISO)

For full visualization of the proposed pump, Isometric Diagrams display our design in 3D. This allows you to view the pump from multiple angles and make sure the design – as well as the proposed setup – meets your specific needs.



To discuss all available options for our engineering and design pump packaging services, contact us.

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